needle spikerush

Needle Spikerush: The Versatile Wetland Ground Cover

In the realm of wetland ecosystems, where the delicate balance between land and water is constantly in flux, one plant stands as a steadfast guardian, silently fortifying the shores and providing sustenance for a myriad of creatures. Needle spikerush (Eleocharis acicularis), a resilient and versatile ground cover, emerges as a needle in the wetland haystack, … Read more

Growing Water Iris: A Beautiful Addition To Your Pond

Water iris, also known as Iris laevigata, is a captivating aquatic plant that can transform the appearance of your pond into a mesmerizing oasis. With its origins in Japan, this true water iris has gained global recognition for its enchanting beauty. It is particularly suited for medium to large-sized ornamental or wildlife ponds, as it … Read more

Growing Imperial Taro: A Tropical Staple With Stunning Leaves

Growing Imperial Taro: A Tropical Staple with Stunning Leaves Imperial taro, also known as Colocasia antiquorum, is a remarkable tropical plant that not only serves as a staple food crop in Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures but also captivates with its striking large heart-shaped leaves. These leaves, reaching up to 3 feet in length, boast a … Read more

Spotted Jewelweed Wildflower

Growing Jewelweed: A Native Beauty For Your Garden

Jewelweed, with its vibrant orange flowers and raindrop-shaped leaves, is a captivating addition to any garden. This native plant, also known as spotted touch-me-not and orange balsam, belongs to the Balsam family and is often mistaken for Impatiens walleriana. Jewelweed’s alluring appearance and ability to attract pollinators like hummingbirds and bumblebees make it an excellent … Read more

An image capturing the mesmerizing beauty of a lush freshwater pond, adorned with vibrant emerald lily pads

Growing And Planting Golden Club: A Stunning Aquatic Perennial

Hidden beneath the shimmering surface of slow-moving water bodies in the Eastern United States lies a captivating aquatic perennial known as Golden Club. With its water-repellent leaves reaching up to 12 inches in length, this remarkable plant unveils a spectacle of nature as it produces golden-yellow flowers on club-shaped spikes that gracefully emerge from the … Read more

Green leaves Syngonium podophyllum on wooden table

Growing Common Arrowhead: A Hardy Plant For Wetlands

Wetlands play a crucial role in the ecosystem, providing a habitat for diverse plant and animal species. While there are many plants that thrive in wetland environments, few can match the resilience and adaptability of Common Arrowhead (Sagittaria latifolia). This hardy plant, with its arrow-shaped foliage and delicate white flowers, is a true marvel of … Read more

Delicate Blue Blooms: Planting & Growing Water Forget-Me-Not

In the realm of aquatic flora, one delicate species stands out with its captivating blue blooms. Water forget-me-not, scientifically known as Myosotis scorpioides, is a perennial herb originating from Europe and Siberia but has now made its home in North America. Its baby-blue flowers, which grace the landscape from spring to fall, serve as an … Read more

Creeping Jenny: A Versatile Ground Cover For Beautiful Gardens

In the realm of gardening, finding a ground cover that is both visually stunning and low-maintenance can be a daunting task. However, for those seeking a versatile option that will enhance the beauty of their gardens, Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) proves to be a worthy contender. This plant, native to Europe but now flourishing in … Read more

Colorful Common Dogwood: A Beautiful Addition To Any Garden

Did you know that the colorful common dogwood (Cornus sanguinea) can add vibrant beauty to any garden? Native to Eurasia, this stunning deciduous perennial shrub forms dense thickets and can be found in various landscapes, from sea level to mountainous regions. One interesting fact about this plant is that its yellow to orange-colored branches in … Read more