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Common reed (phragmites) on sunset

How to Get Rid of Phragmites in Ponds

Getting rid of Phragmites in ponds is difficult, especially once the invasive plant has become established. There are several tools and methods that can help you get rid of this weed. You can use chemicals to kill off the invasive plant, or you can opt for a more organic approach. So, if you want to … Read more

How to Control Pond and Lake Weeds Cheaply

Controlling pond weeds is crucial for maintaining the health and beauty of your pond or lake. Weeds can be a major hassle for pond owners, causing inconvenience and trouble. Fortunately, there are effective methods available to tackle these pesky plants. It’s important to consider the type of weed and the size of your pond when … Read more

how to kill cattails in ponds

How to Kill Cattails in Ponds Naturally

Whether you’re trying to clear out your garden pond of unwanted cattails or you just want to keep them from appearing, there are some effective methods that you can use to kill the plants. These natural methods will help you remove the plant without having to use chemicals which, of course, is a good thing. … Read more

Waterlilies in the pond (nominated on Feb 24)

How to Get Rid of Lily Pads in Ponds

Whether you have a small pond or a large lake, lily pads can be a problem. These weeds are known for their ability to shade and choke out other vegetation and aquatic life in the water. However, they are also often appreciated for their decorative qualities. Fortunately, there are ways to remove lily pads from … Read more

duckweed on the surface of the water

How to Get Rid of Duckweed in Ponds Naturally WITHOUT Chemicals

Whether you have a large or small pond, it is important to learn how to get rid of duckweed in your ponds without using chemicals. Fortunately, there are ways to do this that are both natural and effective. What Is Duckweed Exactly? Floating plants like duckweed provide a number of benefits. It is a great … Read more

Common frog in duckweed in water

Is Duckweed Good For Ponds?

Using Duckweed in your pond can be beneficial. However, there are some downsides to using this type of weed. You need to be aware of them and take measures to protect your pond. Common Types of Duckweed Whether you’re planning to use duckweed in your pond or not, it is important to understand how they … Read more

Water Lilly

8 Shade Tolerant Water Lilies

Whether you live in a colder climate or you’re looking for water lilies that don’t require full sun, here are ten shade-tolerant varieties that will grow well in your home. Golden cup Nymphaea ‘Marliacea Chromatella’ Among the many varieties of shade-tolerant water lily, the Golden cup Nymphaea ‘Marliacea Chromatella’ is one of the most popular … Read more

How to Plant & Grow Mosaic PlantS in your pond

Whether you’re looking to grow a mosaic plant as an indoor plant or for outdoor planting, it’s important to understand the basics of planting and caring for the plant. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits and use it in the long term. Mosaic Plant Growing Planting Facts & Care Whether you have a … Read more