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How to Make Koi Grow Faster and Bigger – Maximize Koi Growth

How to Make Koi Grow Faster and Bigger – Maximize Koi Growth Whether you’re looking to start a Koi garden or simply want to maximize your existing one, it’s important to know how to make Koi grow faster and bigger. This article will cover what factors affect the growth of your fish, as well as … Read more

When to Stock Fish in Your Backyard Pond

When to Stock Fish in Your Backyard Pond If you want to stock your pond with fish, the first question you have to ask yourself is: When is the best time to buy? Here are some tips to help you determine the right time to add fish to your pond. Preparing Ponds Before Buying Fish … Read more

Many bright colorful gold fishes in pond water

Can Goldfish Survive in a Pond Without a Pump?

If you are wondering if you can still keep goldfish in a pond without a pump, you should know a few facts about the matter before you make any decisions. Main Concerns of Stocking Goldfish in Pump-Free Ponds There are several concerns when stocking goldfish in a pump-free pond. The first is oxygen. If you … Read more

How Deep Should a Koi Pond Be?

How Deep Should a Koi Pond Be? Whenever I see a friend or family member asking, “How deep should a Koi pond be?” my first thought is, “What kind of koi will want to live in such a pond?” The answer is, “Everything.” I guess the question then becomes, what is the right depth for … Read more

Frog on the water

What Do Frogs Eat In A Pond?

Frog Diet Facts If you have a pond, you probably wonder what frogs eat in ponds. While there are no known frog recipes, there are some frog diet facts you can use to help keep your pond frog-friendly. Best Time to Observe Hungry Frogs In order to observe hungry frogs in a pond, it is … Read more

koi fish in a pond, black background

How to Treat Fin Rot in Koi Fish

Often a Koi’s fins can become infected with a parasite. These parasites are not contagious, but they can cause irritation and infection and the symptoms are sometimes mistaken for fin rot. In fact, most of the time, these parasites are simply a sign that your fish is suffering from a larger ailment but, of course, … Read more

how to kill cattails in ponds

How to Kill Cattails in Ponds Naturally

Whether you’re trying to clear out your garden pond of unwanted cattails or you just want to keep them from appearing, there are some effective methods that you can use to kill the plants. These natural methods will help you remove the plant without having to use chemicals which, of course, is a good thing. … Read more

Abstract background, rain drops on the water

Why Are My Pond Fish Dying After Rain? (and How to Prevent it)

If you have noticed that your pond fish are dying after rain, it is a good idea to take a close look at the reasons behind the phenomenon. You may have more than one species of fish, or the water quality might be at fault. There are a number of things you can do to … Read more

Frog still with tadpole tail swimming in a river shallow with head above water.

What Do Tadpoles Eat in the Wild in Ponds?

If you’re wondering what do tadpoles eat in the wild, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover the types of food they eat, as well as their diets as prey. Natural Food Sources for Tadpoles in the Wild When tadpoles are in the wild, they have to forage for food. They may … Read more

How to Use pond Barley Straw to Control Algae

Using barley straw to control algae in your pond can be an effective and safe method. This is because barley straw releases natural chemicals into the water, which inhibits the growth of certain kinds of algae. While this is an excellent preventative measure, it does not get rid of existing algae blooms. If you are … Read more